by Luminal

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Our upcoming album Overdraft will be posted gradually online for free until the entire album is released. Enjoy.


released September 12, 2011

Jd Saris - Guitar, vocals, keyboards
Matt Spire - Guitar, vocals, keyboards, sequencing, mixing/mastering.



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Luminal Frederick, Maryland

What all those progrock and experimental bands would sound like if they had more panic attacks and existential fits.

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Track Name: Panopticon
I don't wanna know what happens all the time.
Do you feel like you deserve to know?
If you're stuck in my head you can keep what you find.
Just remember it's all done for show.
The feelings that I feel come spilling out my mind.
What else is there for you to know?

I wanna love you.
We love ourselves too goddamn much.
No there's just not enough.
The whole world is one big panopticon.
Take a look and you are the looked at one.
Children everywhere beware,
vanity's a two-way mirror.

So when my crickets turn into those morning birds,
it breaks my heart that we can't be alone.
I'm wasting all my time sending out the words,
and I can't fall asleep inside your home.
So baby if I ask, you had better just say no.
There's too much that we've already shown.
Track Name: Let's Make Love on the Hollywood Sign
I pack my bag and I'm ready to go
out the door and to L.A.
Always looking for escape,
a different time and place.
So when you're living
for the next day,
everyday's a plane crash.
The purpose burns away.

A crescent moon in green neon,
palm trees on a billboard mile.
Let's make love on the Hollywood sign,
sleep on the lawn and riot with smiles.
Be my brick wall, I'll be your vine.
Stickin' together can kill our time.
Just never ask, is this real life?
Or seventy-year suicide?

The past and now take the shape
of self-fulfilling prophecy.
Always looking for a face
that I could never place.

In D.C., Boston, Tucson too
the longing lingers all night through.
Every step is deja vu.
I've missed my cue, you're overdue.
Only complete when I'm with you.
Only wish that I knew who.
Track Name: Let Me Go
You and I are not the people that we once knew
and time always passes quicker than we want it to.

I am broken and nothing can fix me now,
so let me go.

There's nothing in the cupboard
and there's nothing to do.
Collectors keep on calling
but my phone bill's due.
Everyone with mommy money
don't understand,
but come this weekend
I can drink on their tab.

Sold out or burned out I don't know what is best--
that's why I'm like this
and they are my friends.

I should've gone to college,
I should've had a plan.
Then again, fuck it,
I don't know what I am.
So take your law degree
and take that trophy wife--
I'll take my freedom
and uncertain life.
Track Name: 23
Her 23rd birthday she was drunk
and they'd been friends since they grew up.
Next morning he said it all felt right,
he'd been waiting his whole life.
He said her eyes were like black holes,
they sucked in his heart and his soul.
Maybe he was always high or drunk,
but he seemed sincere when he spoke.

How could someone who sings all those heartfelt songs
ever do any wrong?

Soaked in rain she ran to his door,
shaking and paler than her robe.
Before she said the words he knew,
two little lines, baby blue.
Of all the times that those brown eyes
sucked him in he never thought he'd die.
He poured coffee and they sat in quiet,
his father's rifle flashed in his mind.

How could someone who sings all those heartfelt songs
ever do any wrong?

Now she's invisible,
he's doin' fine.
Who really cares?
They're a dozen for a dime.
Track Name: jester
just a pair of blue jeans,
but i'm so jealous of the belt around your hips
and the hands inside your pockets.
and i wonder how much longer can i last
before i say something to serious to make you laugh.

like love is for us,
it's not for them
or for you and him.
these syllables are yours
but i cant let you know.

you put in your two weeks
and it's so hopeless,
i'm the time card that's thrown out
when your hands are no longer needed.
and i wonder how much longer can i last
before i say something to serious to make you laugh.

like love is for us,
it's not for them
or for you and him.
these syllables are yours
but i cant let you know.

i thought things would just stay the same,
playing our parts in our little game
but now you've moved on.
maybe you thought about leaving him,
but you never thought about me.

so love's not for us.
it's just for them,
and for you and him.
these syllables are yours.
i'm just your jester.
Track Name: Asphalt Garden
In other countries people take to the streets
when they're mad at those who run the police.
In my country people take to the streets
when those who run the police say it's cool.
Today it's cool.

You can eat til your gut's busted,
and your kid can get his face painted.
Government's fallin' all around here,
but fuck it let's have a beer or some wine.
Just pass the time.

In the asphalt garden
it's nobody's fault.

Fast-forward a decade or so,
you've eaten your neighbor's torso,
carved up his kids with a knife,
taken his honey as your seventh wife
cause you do what you wanna do.

Every now and then the President speaks
live from Belgium by satellite feed.
He's too scared to live in his own country.
Doesn't matter if he's an R or a D or an I,
they'll eat him alive.

In the asphalt garden,
it's nobody's fault.
In the asphalt garden,
please call the cops.
In the asphalt garden,
it's not assault,
when you've killed all the cops.